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Have you ever woken up to a revelation in your life? What about a revelation about how thankful you are for all you have?

I woke up today and realized the small pieces of life that make me happy. Like waking up to see somebody there waiting for you…like the friends you have and which you can call at any time just because you want to say hello :)…like the person you curl up against in bed when you wake up after a bad dream, or whom you wake up to hug you ’cause you cannot sleep…like the family members you have around you…having who to fight with, and argue about insignificance…to love (without the selfish need to be loved back just as much) … to give and receive…to say please and thank you… to get this opportunity of being grateful … it’s a magic

Whenever I feel that I’m sad or disappointed about something I was expecting, I try to make a step back and see if there aren’t more things I should be happy for, rather than being so egoistical in my demands. And then I’m surprised by how much people actually live for themselves…and forget all about their surroundings.

So try to be thankful from time to time, and step back and relax. It is worth it.

Wake up

Nausea woke her up again. She’s having mixed feelings…scared about the tests she’s gonna take today, she’s wondering what to do. He’s right there, beside her, in bed, adrift in his dreamless sleep …calm of his face worries her more. What if? What’s going to happen? How will he take this news? Torment of anguish is raised within her.
‘Let’s get it over with’, she’s telling herself. For better or worse, there’s nothing now to change things…so let’s see what’s actually happening.
With the test results in her hand, she enters the room. Contradiction all over her face.
Frozen by the news, she’s unable to say anything, as thoughts run through her mind way too fast to even catch a glimpse of her state.
speechless, on the floor, outside the door of their room, she can’t grasp the courage to face the state of things. It’s there…it can’t be ignored forever…she needs to talk and … she needs to make one of the biggest decisions of her life
…right or wrong…these no longer exist.
Just consequences that will change her whole life.
Somebody else is there, but his presence doesn’t raise a single word out of her.
His inquisitive look reads through her…he knows


I can hear the road hitting my feet, step after step, as I’m running…
I wake up, rush of adrenaline in my body, wondering where I am. New room!?…not really, it’s my room, my home…the thought terrifies me for the first time. This is my new home. Even after weeks, months, it’s still like I have just arrived.
Can’t find my place…can’t find my things…I seem to have lost on my way some of the ones I need, while others followed me here when I wanted them gone.
I stand up and start pacing the room, walking off my mind….but I got the reverse of desired effect. Memories start flooding my mind…and feelings choke my heart; sorrow, pain, grief, hate, love…all mingled in a dangerous cocktail pouring down my throat.
Exasperated, I get out…go for a run

I’ve been running too long from my feelings, but they keep following me…I’m exhausted…too exhausted to run, but too afraid to face them now.
Wind blowing through my hair, I feel the relief of no mind, of loss of thoughts…running, I found the quiet, the peace, and the answer I so long searched for…
It’s time…time to face my demons, my choices and the world I created, to follow through my decision and accept grief, park the sorrow and make my heart understand my love and hate, those mingled feelings to mark memories of past years, but leave the path clear for my potential future.


In imbratisarea calda, un torent de lacrimi a inceput sa se reverse pe obrajii ei…
El…a intepenit. Nu stia cum sa reactioneze. Vroia sa-si retraga mainile care ii inconjurau umerii si ii mangaiau parul, dar ii era frica sa se miste; da sa isi ceara scuze, sa vorbeasca, dar cuvintele i se inecara in gatlej…privea inmarmurit scena ce se dezvaluia in bratele sale, uimit de schimbarea brusca de peisaj, incercand sa asimileze cele intamplate.
Cele doua instincte, cele mai puternice instincte ale firii umane, ‘fugi sau lupta’, erau inabusite de unul nou. Realiza fragilitatea fiintei din fata sa, si o stranse mai tare intre bratele sale. Raspunsul ei fu de o intensitate incredibila. Un amestec de uimire, tristete, bucurie, extaz, dezvoltare si relaxare, un contrast de sentimente o copleseau acum. Isi infasura bratele in jurul gatului sau, si cufundandu-si capul in spatiul care se formase, parca special pentru ea, lipita de clavicula lui, respira adanc. Un suspin ii surprinse pe amandoi. Ii saruta suav pielea gatului si se scufunda la loc.
Pacea, in sfarsit a gasit-o in abandonul bratelor sale.

I miss you!

I miss you
I miss you! It’s amazing how much weight these three words have on me.
Drowned in an avalanche of sensations, feelings and memories flood the mind of the young lady, staring speechless at the phone in her hand.
Dazzled by this new state, she starts smiling, her face lightens up, she radiates joy and surprise.
It’s one of those moments you wake up smiling and you don’t even realize why.

It’s late. She had a long day, full of novelty…however, her thoughts go back to those couple of seconds after reading the most important three words of that day. She finds herself smiling again, but worried about the time, she closes off…Time to drift away.

…Good night!…



Reading through some articles, like every day, but today I stopped for a glance at the comments for once.
I’m always surprised of the comments people leave on good posts, especially the critics. Why’s that? Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but all those people take those texts literally.
My truth, my way, my perception is different. From any read I get what I need and move on. There’s always some information to teach me something, to remind me of something. But it will never match my thoughts to the letter, because we’re different.
I sometimes think people forget how to read, and why they started reading in the first place.
Do you remember the feeling after reading a good book? You don’t think “that’s exactly how I feel”, “that’s my life written there” … you just take with you the ideas you liked, the thoughts which motivated you, tick the book as a good one (or a great one, if it happens to be one of your favorites), and move on. You don’t live the book, but live your feelings about the book.
Try treating that way any text you read (out of your free will)
PS: I’m not talking about work books … these are some other topic, some other way of learning.
You will find you will enjoy the world in a different way, a neutral tone, from where you will always have something to learn.
Hmm … ended up giving advises … that’s not my intention … I just wanted to express my view of the world, which someone, maybe you will read and consider you have found something you’ve learned from … and it might be totally different (actually I think it is different) from what my thoughts were at this moment when I’m writing to you.



Most leave for a new challenge, for a new story, for the change. But what do you do when you find yourself in too much change and nothing to wait you on the other side?

Waking up from a bad dream, she hoped; but the nightmare kept lingering…she could feel it in the air, in the bed next to her, in the sun rays managing to pass through the curtain, in her entire body. The loss was still there.
Though it never existed…almost not existed…she had the feeling it has been part of her for ages…grew with her and lived through her. In a way, that was the case, but in a different way, it was also like a burden, she was released…still, she did not feel the relief, but the grief of losing her world.
Waking up in this nightmare, day after day, has been the hardest thing, and she kept going…weeks, months have passed.
The feeling of loss is more present than the life itself. She could breath the pain, she could hear the cries in the mute morning…her own cries of pain and despair, the ones that never emerged, which she buried so deep, to kill her silently, bring her on the verge of despair…cries so loud you could no longer hear, that mingled with the universe, in his lost.



About to close the day, when something clicked…the everyday torrent is getting the best of my time, of my life…I’m lost in senseless vortex of action and reaction, I forgot to feel, no longer my mind knows how to stop, pushing one after the other decisions, plans, people, ‘feelings’ , or at least what i believed they were initially, my brain collapsed…it’s the overdrive autopilot in charge now; no longer aware where I’m heading, I’m lost…and there’s no one to pull me out of my thoughts…I want to disconnect.
Reality is hitting hard at my doorstep again, I wake up…I think I’m in a dream…I don’t know…

no longer the difference is there…what can she do…she’s fighting her demons, her sleep is long overwhelmed by the life she no longer has…she dreams the torment of despair night after night…until…

I’m awake…gone, that monster I’ve created on eating my time is gone. I breath…feels like long time since I’ve felt the taste of fresh air…I see the doctor looking at me, eyes full of compassion and fear…there’s no hope, she can’t help me any more, she thinks. However, her facility is the only one keeping me on ‘life support’…helping my mind to stop…without knowing, she is saving me. I must tell her soon


Am vazut zambetul ei pe fata lui, si am zambit…dar apoi am zarit tristetea din ochii ei, nesiguranta ei reflectata in peretele de gheata care o imbratisa.
Am vazut diferenta dintre cei doi si m-a lovit. Luand acea decizie pentru ea, pentru ca a crezut ca ei ii va face bine, a inchis-o intr-o colivie de clestar, fara scapare. A inchis-o in aceeasi camera cu demonii de care ii era frica, pe care nu-i poate infrunta singura… Si toate acestea pentru ca nu a avut timpul sa-i cunoasca, sa descopere ce este ceea ce simte si cum poate sa mearga mai departe.

Oferindu-i solutia lui, a decis sa o priveze de a-si descoperi propria persoana, de a folosi propria solutie, de a simti, de a intelege ce se intampla.

Acum, ea este blestemata sa-si reintalneasca fatoma temerilor sale de fiecare data cand deschide ochii, cand incearca sa vorbeasca, cand da sa-si asculte propria suflare, sa simta…
Condamnata sa lupte cu o fantoma din trecut, care ii devine prezent si viitor, ea lupta pentru viata.
Si totul, de la acele cuvinte dure, de la sentinta de singuratate, potentialul acesteia, chiar si temporar, atarnand ca o secure deasupra capului fericirii ei, ce conta in propria descoperire.

Si cum ai mai putea iubi?
Cand nu stii nici ce inseamna sa ai incredere in propriile ganduri si esti obligat in a-ti cenzura orice impuls spre libertate.
Inchisoarea din aur, care te invaluie in comfort ramane totusi o inchisoare.

martor 2



Do you know the thing that makes you get up in the morning 🙂  Which makes you go that extra mile? That’s the one and most importing thing you must keep at all times, ’cause that’s gonna make the difference …

To make one more step, going one more round, sometimes is that moment on the brick of giving up, when you remember why you’re doing it, why it counts… I guess that’s one image we should all have in our minds every single moment.

Don’t confuse it with your goal, because that’s not it, it’s the one thing that determines you to go all to way to achieve that goal, the one thing that won’t change once this goal is reached and you’re looking for another, that one blur of success that will keep you on your way and will hit you in the head when you’re going sideways…the one that you might never share, but will always accompany any decision you take

Dublin&Bray 010We‘re in a continuous run, the marathon of life, and it’s going so fast we forget how to enjoy it, but we are surprised by the simplicity of things, once we stop for a moment, and we realize how futile some of the everyday worries are, when we’re given much more to enjoy.

Time washes away all these moments but some leave a print on our face

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Smile 🙂 and remember why you’re doing it. Keep that image clear in your mind and you will not fail. Be a winner!